Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Earrings

The Silver Pentacle

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The Wheel of Fortune card in Tarot represents luck, change, karma, movement, fate, destiny, a turning point, and consequences.  This card says "what goes around, comes around" and usually indicates a sudden change or surprise is on the way; usually for the better. 

This card is also telling you that you cannot escape the consequences of your actions, so you really should examine your motives and the affect your actions have on others, and act accordingly.  All in all, this card shows you that, despite your efforts, the show must go on and things will continue to move forwards.  If you are not in the upswing right now, give it time and your turn to be on top is forthcoming.  

These earrings make a fashion statement when worn at any time, however, you could also have them on hand when conducting spells or rituals aimed at karma, life changes, life cycles, forward momentum or matters of fate or destiny. 

These earrings are 2 cm wide and 4 cm high.