The Lovers Tarot Card Earrings

The Silver Pentacle

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The Lovers in Tarot represent sex, love, union, decisions, trust, passion, romance, partnership and maturity.  This card indicates that when and if there is a big decision to be made, follow your heart.  Do what feels best and what feels right. Imagine the outcome of your decision and really pay attention to how that imagined outcome makes you feel.  Of course, if it makes you feel happy, then that's the best option for you at this time. 

This card not only represents love between two people, but to love in general, such as love for your work, home, family, self or hobbies, and may indicate that you may have to choose between something you love and some other important or pressing concern.  It's all about balance and give and take more than about having to make sacrifices.  With a mature and balanced approach to life and decision making, no one has to make undue sacrifices, so long as everyone is willing to pitch in and help each other out.  After all, love is not a one way street.  

These earrings make a fashion statement at any time, but may be handy when conducting spells or rituals related to love, balance, maturity, decisions, feelings, trust, relationships and partnerships. 

These earrings are 2 cm wide and 4 cm high and feature sterling silver earring hooks.