The Hermit Tarot Card Earrings

The Silver Pentacle

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The Hermit in Tarot represents inner wisdom, solitude, withdrawal and self-discovery.  This card indicates a time for self-care and going inwards to seek your own counsel rather than soliciting the advice and opinions of others. Time alone will provide you with clarity, a greater perspective and offer healing.  You need to be self-reliant at this time, so don't allow others to influence your choices or decisions.  Whatever advice you need will come from within, not without.  You hold the answers to your problem in your own hands. 

These earrings make a fashion statement at any time, but may be handy when conducting spells or rituals related to wisdom, reflection, self-care, solitude, insight and self-discovery. 

These earrings are 2 cm wide and 4 cm high.