Strength Tarot Card Earrings

The Silver Pentacle

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The Strength card in Tarot represents strength, inner power, self-control, calm, endurance, willpower, courage, persuasion, patience, compassion and understanding.  This card suggests that you should rely on your strengths, such as courage, tenacity, intelligence, wit and wisdom to achieve your goals. Your willpower may be tested at this time, perhaps to see if you are willing to put in the effort required to achieve your goals. It also tells you that you are not at the whims of the Universe, but that you do, indeed, have free will and can make choices and decisions for yourself. 

This ties into the further meaning of the card, which is the power you have over your own earthly desires, your appetites, your lust, and your natural and insatiable need for more.  In this respect, the card is asking you to look at what areas of your life where you may be out of control and where you could practice more discipline. 

The significance of the lemniscate - the infinity symbol - cannot be overlooked either.  This symbol represents eternity and the indestructibility of energy and that the only time which we ever really have is NOW.  There are different ways of interpreting the significance of this symbol as it appears in the Strength and The Magician cards, but it is widely held to represent the presence of Divine Forces, Supernatural Guidance, Immortality and Divine Insight.  In the Strength card, the symbol can mean that, no matter how long or hard we struggle with worldly affairs, we can never truly lose sight of the Divinity within us and around us.  We are helped, guided and supported by a beneficent Universe at all times and under all circumstances.   

These earring make a fashion statement at any time, but they are also good to have on hand when conducting rituals or spell work aimed at strength, willpower, motivation, endurance, tenacity, desires, the search for truth and meaning, divinity and the higher self. 

These earrings are 2 cm wide and 4 cm high.