Palo Santo Bundle With Selenite And Lavender

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Cleanse your sacred space, altar tools, divination tools, crystals and even yourself with the beautiful aroma of palo santo. 

Native to South America, palo santo means "holy wood" and is used in sacred cleansing rites and ceremonies to cleanse negative energies while also calling in helpful and beneficial spirits. 

Palo Santo is best burned on a charcoal disc as it can be difficult to keep lit on its own. Simply light a charcoal disc in a fire proof  bowl and place the palo santo stick on top, heating it up enough to smoke and burn. 

The lavender can also be burned either on a charcoal disc or simply allowed to burn on its own.

Selenite cleanses other crystals and also wards against negative energies while creating an aura of protection in and around the room in which it's kept. 

The tree of life charm reminds us of the never ending cycles of life, death and rebirth and our connection to all living things. 

The palo santo bundle comes with a 4-inch palo santo stick, a 2-inch selenite stick, lavender and a tree of life charm. 

You can purchase the palo santo bundle on its own or with an incense burner/censer and a roll of 10 charcoal discs. 

All items in this bundle are sustainably sourced and ethically harvested. 

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Donna Yurek
Palo Santo

A nice addition to my altar!