Odin Prayer Beads

The Silver Pentacle

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The All-Father of the Norse pantheon, Odin represents seeking and giving knowledge and wisdom.  Associated with thought, logic, royalty, wisdom, magick and knowledge, Odin rules over the Aesir (a collective name for the main group of Gods in the Norse pantheon) from his abode in Asgard (1 of the 9 realms held in the branches of Yggdrasil, the world tree).    

Connect with Odin with these prayer beads made with tree agate, lapis lazuli, woodgrain stone beads and yak bone beads along with a rune charm and tassel.

This set of beads measure 23 cm (9.5 inches) long.

Call upon Odin for anything to do with higher learning, knowledge, wisdom, leadership, truth, justice, poetry, magick and sacrifices.

Prayer beads are an excellent tool to communicate with and connect to your chosen Deity.  Use them as part of a meditation or dedication ritual, touching each bead as you recite an incantation or concentrate on certain aspects of the Deity of your choice.  You can count individual beads to keep track of the number of times you have recited your mantra, prayer or chant, or simply move the beads one at a time through your fingers as you recite your petition, going through the entire set of beads as many times as you feel is necessary.