Moon Phases Info Sheet and Worksheets

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This digital download consists of 11 pages of information, spell sheets and worksheets associated with the phases of the moon.

There is a general information sheet outlining the basic meanings and energies associated with the New, Full, Waxing, Waning and Dark moon phases. Then, there are 5 worksheets for you to fill out on your own about how you will be able to use these energies in your practice. Finally, there are 5 pages consisting of spells and rituals you can conduct at four specific moon phases including a new moon manifestation spell, a full moon cleansing ritual bath, a ward and protect spell jar for the waning moon, and a bind, banish and burn ritual for the dark moon.

Once you've downloaded the document, you can print out new sheets each month if you want to keep track of how to work with the energies differently each month. 

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Added to my other moon phase resources from a certification course.

Debbie Cyr
Awesome Grimoire Pages

Loved these! Loads of info on moon phases and easy to use spell sheets. Very well thought out! Highly recommended