Mabon Incense

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Celebrate the second harvest of the season with this incense made with oak  bark, pine resin, frankincense resin, cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder, and ginger, nutmeg and clove essential oils.

Mabon spells and rituals are centered around abundance and gratitude, thanking Gaia/Nature/Goddess for all that she provides. Share what you have with your friends and family and with those less fortunate than you. Considered the witch's thanksgiving, have a gratitude ceremony for the harvest you are reaping from the seeds you've sown at Imbolc. 

Incense is sold in packs of 6 cones and all incense is hand-crafted with organic ingredients, including cedarwood sawdust and makko powder (also known as Tabu no ki) from the bark of the Machilus thunbergii tree.  This all-natural organic powder acts as a binder which holds the cones together and helps to regulate how they burn.  

Each cone is weighed to between 3 to 3.5 grams before being dried to ensure uniformity in size and end up being about 1" tall.  Given that they are handmade, there may be some variation in shape.   

Each cone burns for approximately 20 minutes.