Love-Drawing Herbal Bath Tea

The Silver Pentacle

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This herbal bath sachet is made with the finest love-attracting herbs with the intention of attracting the perfect partner to you and enhancing your own sense of worth and self-love.

Made with 1/2 cup of love-drawing herbs including red rose buds, orris root, vetiver (khus-khus), lovage powder, yarrow powder, and 3 balm of Gilead buds, use this sachet in a bath to attract that special someone into your life. Love spells and rituals are best done during a New Moon or Waxing Moon phase.

Each sachet is made with recycled unbleached paper and is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

I don't advise emptying the sachet out into your tub as it will clog your drain.

These sachets can also be hung in the shower if a tub is not available.