Isis Essential Oil Blend

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Isis is an Egyptian Goddess of fertility, motherhood, marriage, healing, magick and death. She is both Goddess of the Underworld and Goddess of the Earth. She is often depicted with a staff of papyrus in one hand and an ankh in the other, with a vulture headdress, an empty throne headdress and/or with very large and colorful wings. She is associated with cows, snakes and scorpions along with hawks, swallows, doves and vultures. She is the loyal and devout wife, doting mother, and was revered as Mother of Pharaohs and Queen of the Throne.

This oil is hand-blended with essential oils associated with Isis which includes rose, frankincense, and cypress essential oils in a base of olive oil.

Use this oil in spells and rituals for protection, fertility, children, women's rights, knowledge of the occult, magick and witchcraft, the underworld, death and rebirth, motherhood and marriage.

This oil can be used to dress candles for spell work, to anoint ritual tools in her honor, or for use in a bath or applied on the body.

All oil blends are diluted to 5%, which means they are safe to use directly on the skin and in the bath. However, it is advisable to dab a small amount of the oil on the inside of your arm where your elbow bends to test for any reaction or sensitivity first.