Binding Essential Oil Blend

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Binding oil is a unique blend of oils designed to prevent others (and yourself) from doing harm. This hand-blended oil is made with black pepper, rosemary, frankincense and clove essential oils in a base of olive oil.

Use this oil in any spells or rituals designed to bind someone from doing harm, to break any habits and addictions you may have and to put an end to toxic, destructive or abusive behaviours. Binding work is best done during the Waning or Dark Moon phase. This oil is best used to dress candles, but can be used in whatever way best suits your practices, preferences and intentions.

All oil blends are diluted to 5%, which means they are safe to use directly on the skin and in the bath. However, it is advisable to dab a small amount of the oil on the inside of your arm where your elbow bends to test for any reaction or sensitivity first.