Warding & Protection Mojo Bag and Spell Jar Kit

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Create your very own personalized mojo bag and spell jar designed to provide protection and deflect and absorb negative energies with this kit which includes everything you need to make a very powerful mojo bag and spell jar. 

This kit includes the following:

  • A black 11 x 9 cm velvet mojo bag
  • A 15 ml spell jar
  • A clear quartz crystal point
  • A mini scroll
  • A black 4 inch chime candle
  • 15 grams obsidian crystal chips
  • A black tourmaline crystal
  • 8 grams angelica root
  • 3 grams vetiver (khus khus)
  • 7 grams hyssop
  • 6 grams rue

How to use your kit:

How you use your kit is entirely up to you, but typically you would want to put some herbs and crystal chips in your spell jar (along with any other items you might want to add) while focusing your attention on what you want your spell jar to accomplish, and then seal it with melted wax from your candle. For the mojo bag, you can add any remaining herbs and crystal chips, along with any other items that you may wish to add on your own. 

You can add the mini scroll and quartz point to either the spell jar or mojo bag. 

You can use the scroll to write out your intentions, draw a sigil, or draw an image relating to what you want your spell jar and mojo bag to accomplish.

Hold the clear quartz point in your hand and charge it with your intentions before adding it to either your spell jar or mojo bag.

When finished, you can place your spell jar and mojo bag wherever you feel it would work best, such as on your altar, in your bedroom, kitchen or living room, at your desk or office, hung from your bookbag or in your purse or hung from your mirror in your car or placed in the glovebox.

For more information on warding, I recommend you read our blog post on how to create and maintain a protective ward

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