Hecate Prayer Beads

The Silver Pentacle

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A Goddess of the Dark Moon and witchcraft, Hecate is associated with baneful herbs, curses and black magick.  As the Triple Goddess, she is associated with the Moon in all phases, but is more closely associated with the Crone, the Dark Moon, and the Waning phase of the Moon.  In her Triple Goddess form, she is often depicted as three separate figures, all with their backs to each other, and each holding one of her symbols - a torch, a key and a serpent or dagger.   

Connect with Hecate with these beads made with obsidian, garnet and black pearl beads along with a stainless steel charm and tassel.  

This set of beads measures 25 cm (10 inches) in length. 

Call upon Hecate to gain knowledge of witchcraft, magick, sorcery, the occult, necromancy, death, and for changes and new beginnings.

Prayer beads are an excellent tool to communicate with and connect to your chosen Deity.  Use them as part of a meditation or dedication ritual, touching each bead as you recite an incantation or concentrate on certain aspects of the Deity of your choice.  You can count individual beads to keep track of the number of times you have recited your mantra, prayer or chant, or simply move the beads one at a time through your fingers as you recite your petition, going through the entire set of beads as many times as you feel is necessary.