How to create and maintain a protective ward

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What is a ward?

A ward is any object – a statue, icon, rock, crystal, protection jars and sachets – that acts as a shield or protector. A ward is a guardian who keeps negative or lower vibration energies out of an area which you have asked your ward to protect.  You can ward any size area, large or small. You can place your ward somewhere in plain sight, such as on a shelf, on your altar, hanging above a door or doorknob, on a windowsill, on your front step, etc., or they can be buried. You can bury wards such as iron spikes, crystals, or protection jars around the four corners of your home or at or near your front and back doors. You can also empower an item of jewelry as a ward, creating an amulet that deflects negativity, that you can wear or carry with you outside of your home. Windchimes also make excellent wards, along with items made of iron (such as iron spikes) as they naturally repel negative energies.

How to choose a ward

What you decide to use as a ward and where to put it is entirely up to you. You can use any statue or figurine, a rock, windchimes, crystals, etc., or you can choose something you want to bury somewhere on your property. The ward is created in the same way whether it is buried or not, but buried wards cannot be as easily recharged when their energy is depleted as wards you have access to at all times. You might be interested in our warding mojo bag and spell jar kit which includes everything you need to make an effective warding mojo bag and spell jar. 

How to create a ward

When you choose to create your ward is totally up to you. You may want to create it on the night of a dark moon, which is a good time to do any sort of protection work. You may want to do it according to a certain day of the week or planetary hour, depending on what your intentions are. But you can create your ward at any time that is convenient for you and it will still be effective.

Once you’ve decided what you want to use as a ward you need to clean it physically of any dust or debris and also cleanse it energetically to remove any unwanted energies it may have picked up naturally. You can clean it both physically and energetically by running it under water with the intention of cleansing it thoroughly. It can also be cleansed with incense, sounds such as bell ringing or chakra bowls, or even with candle light. You can also simply hold the object and use your intentions to clean and clear any and all unwanted energy.

Have a clear intention of what you want your ward to do. You can charge your ward with the task of keeping certain energies or entities out while letting others in, or for keeping any kind of energy or entity away from your home. Your intentions matter – you have to know what you want your wards to do. Simply having the intention that your ward protect your home and its inhabitants is also all well and good - it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Next, you’ll want to cleanse yourself energetically. Get grounded, focused and centered. Send any excess energy you may be carrying back into the earth and ask that any energy that may be scattered be returned to you.  You can call on the four quarters, elements or a Deity to lend you their power and support when creating your ward. Focus on your objective and intention and the type of warding you want it to do. Rub your hands together to open the palm chakras and let the intention you’re focussing on build the energy in your hands.

When you have a clear goal in mind and can feel the energy building, pick your object up and send your intentions and the energy you’ve generated into it through your hands, visualizing the object protecting your space, home, family and environment, or even a certain room or area, such as your altar. Visualize releasing the energy from your hands into the object, giving it the power to repel negative energies and lower vibrational beings. You can speak a command into it, either out loud or just in your mind, such as “I now charge you with the task of warding this home and its inhabitants from any and all unwanted and lower vibrational energies, beings, spirits and entities.” 

If you are creating multiple wards, repeat the process of rubbing your hands together and visualizing the protective qualities you want to imbue your object with then releasing that energy through your hands and into each object separately. You can line up as many objects as you would like to create wards with, sending your energy and intentions into them individually.  This can be done if you’re creating separate wards for the four corners of your home, for each of the cardinal directions, or separate wards for different rooms or areas in and around your home.

You can also create wards with sigils, runes, pentacles, pentagrams, astrological or planetary symbols or any other meaningful symbol. These symbols can be drawn on your object that you want to act as your ward with plain tap water, an oil, chalk, marker, or in any other manner you choose. You can draw these symbols on your front step, door, windows or at any entrance to your home. You can also draw them on paper and bury them on your property, perhaps one at each of the four cardinal directions.

Once your ward is charged, then put it in the spot that you have designated for it to do its work. Where you choose to put your wards is totally up to you. It doesn’t matter if they are in plain sight or hidden, they will work the same.

Recharging your wards

Wards will repel the energies you’ve asked them to repel whether you’re aware of those energies or not. For this reason, I recommend recharging your wards at least once a year, depending on how much work you think they have to do. If you find your wards are getting drained quickly and easily, then you might want to recharge them more often. You can recharge your wards on a monthly basis if you feel they’re working hard. Again, it’s up to you to decide how often and when you want to recharge yours.

One quick and easy way to cleanse your ward when you don’t have time to do a complete recharge is to sprinkle it with salt, leave it for a few hours then clean the salt off. This will absorb some of the negativity your ward has picked up. Another quick cleansing technique is to light a designated candle specifically for your ward with the intention of clearing away unwanted energies.

To completely recharge your ward, you will want to start with cleansing and clearing physical and energetic debris using any of the clearing techniques mentioned above. Then, you’ll want to repeat the steps for grounding, visualizing, opening the palm chakras and sending your energy and intentions into the object, giving it more of your energy to work with.

Thanking your wards

It is important to maintain a respectful relationship with your wards, thanking them on occasion for the service they are providing and being mindful of the protection they provide for you. Gratitude goes a long way with wards.

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